Busty Tgirl Angela Bratzz Wants Some Anal

Busty Tgirl Angela Bratzz Wants Some Anal
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I bought a Slave I'm wealthy, own several businesses and get all sorts of invitations from the mundane "Please come to our VFW Fund Raiser" to some really bizarre and inappropriate stuff. The worth while and charity ones I either accept, the VFW is usually fun, or send a check and a apology letter.

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The inappropriate ones get a little more attention. A sales guy from a supplier I don't use asked me to a slave auction.

This company has always been a little sketchy and since I care about my customers, I haven't been buying their lower quality crap. So I asked around in the fringe community near what I call my estate. What I heard back was, yes this was real, and did I want to attend? I knew this particular couple was kinky but a slave action they could invite me to? OK. So I asked for an invite and told the salesman I was already attending.

Definitely don't want to owe that guy anything. So on a grey Saturday afternoon I took my Lincoln out of the barn where I keep my seldom driven vehicles and off I went for dinner and an auction. At $1000.00 a plate the food better be frigging awesome. The address wasn't revealed to me until a half hour before start of event, I had been told what town it was to be in a few days before. Sketchy sales guy is based there, big surprise. I could have made it from the estate but got a coffee at Dunk your Donut in Town.

Yes, its a ripoff copy, just different colors on the cups and building. When the address came in by text from an unknown # I just about spilled my coffee laughing. I own the building, a warehouse on short term lease to a Reputable Auction company. Gonna need to check that. I also know what supper is as I own 33% of the catering company. That makes me wonder if the 66% owner and manager knows what the event is. He was so excited to get a big sale so soon after opening.

Supper is really good local BBQ and local organic veggies. I finished my coffee and made my way over, aiming to be at least 15 minutes after opening so as to blend in as much as possible. There was a sign at the entrance that said private function and as you pulled in a guard in a black suit that asked to see my ID, There was thirty or forty flashy black cars already there. More than half were Chauffeur driven. Parking was laid out for maybe 200, maybe more.

I parked facing way from the building in the closest available spot. I could smell the BBQ as I stepped out of my car. Supper is going to be awesome I thought with a smile. Another black suit on a gorilla with his hand out for my ID, except he asked to see my invite. He had to tell me the text message was the invite. So I showed him my phone. He pulled out a cloth bag with a number on it and gave me a claim ticket. "Sorry sir, no phones or cameras allowed." and handed me a piece of paper.

I had to fight not to smile, 300 Pound Gorilla with a high voice like a little girl. He could break me like a tooth pick. I was glad I put on my good wedding and funeral suit. When I stepped through the door I stepped into a room with a stage and many wealthy people from our area. I do business with about half the guests in the room. Slaves don't get counted as guests I found out. One of those people was a big noise developer that had me buy into several projects and even borrowed several million from me occasionally.

He blushed and looked worried when I saw him. His wife had him on a leash, in skin tight spandex speedo kind of things and a ball gag. His knees were filthy because he was crawling as his wife mingled.

When they moved away from me I realized his shorts had an opening to expose his ass hole as he crawled.

I wondered if he was for sale. His wife and I spoke for a few moments, both ignoring him. Just as she turned to move on she asked "What do you think of the sale items?" "I haven't seen them yet" "Behind that curtain are the pens, your sheet has specs and reserve amounts, if there are any, enjoy" she said with a little wave turning away.

Pens, OK I can accept what I saw as generically pens. There were about 50 auction items, roughly split between men and women. Some only symbolically tied to a post others in tiny cages. I started reading the sheet and comparing lot numbers.

No pictures on the lot sheet seemed strange until I remembered the secret nature of this undertaking. There were several notable lots. 1st one I noticed was a Just graduated high school football player displayed naked. Nice body if you like jocks. His lot listed him as bi and here by his own choice, looking for a no limit ownership. Payment would go to his family.

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I asked one of the auction house employees what no limit sale meant. Apparently this kid was selling himself to be used in any way possible including cannibalism. Ouch, he could play too. There was a former local criminal, he was displayed naked as well.

Mid thirties, nice shape if you like men. His lot said gelded. So I bent over to look and he obligingly lifted a leg. Clean castration. His lot also listed a recommended testosterone replacement if yo wanted his dick to function properly.

Some of the women were pretty used up with bruises, obvious damage from broken bones not properly cared for and so on. One early forties woman was listed as having born 14 children and no-longer fertile.

No Reserve. As I moved through looking primarily females I came to a small cage and a women curled up inside. She was fully clothed, I thought that might hurt her pricing.

She was listed as 19, natural blond, 5 foot 5 small tits, it actually said "small tits". Admits to 5 lovers. Hetro. Summer contract only. Any use allowed as long as released with no permanent disabilities at end of summer. Needs money to attend University. I asked what any use with no permanent disabilities meant. The auction employee said: "running her as whore, or beating her every day or just using her as a common servant is allowed under the contract." "Occasionally these people never come home and no-one goes looking but that's not what the contract reads." As he went to turn away he turned back and said "Disease does not count as disability" I crouched down and said to her "So how much do you need?" "Sir, you are not supposed to speak to the lots!" the attendant said quietly.

"35,000" she whispered. The infertile human cow went for $20. Apparently the minimum bid. My businesses friends wife told me the buyer is rumoured to be a cannibal. The gelding got bought by a local MILF who just got several million in a Divorce settlement. I hope they are happy together. I got my little 19 year old for $12,000.00 + tax and buyers fee.

Didn't see it but a famous football coach bought the High School jock. Hammer dropped at $22,000. I signed a buyers contract acknowledgement, my friends wife recommending I use a false name, so I did.

Apparently Kilroy is a common buyer. The pass over was a little complicated as I hadn't brought restraints. The auction house sold me collar, leash, and full manacle and hobble set for about three times retail, I thought that was reasonable, considering.

The place was still half full and what looked like a slave torture party was getting underway. My business friend was in a sex swing that had seemed to appear from no-where. He had a line up of willing penises, some slaves, but I noticed a local business woman getting into his ass with a 7 inch dick. I had no idea she was a he. All while his wife had her legs spread with a dildo as she watched. My purchase came with luggage and was fully dressed when I picked her up.

She may have had ity-bity tities but they were just big enough. Jiggling under her shirt. She looked shocked and worried. The sales rep I that had ushered me through the process said to me quietly: "Your slave was complaining about the sale amount, apparently it will barely cover tuition, I had to remind her the contract is binding" I looked at her across the room where she was being chained up for me and had a thought.

I turned to the rep and thanked him slipping him a $500.00 tip. She hobbled after me across the parking lot.

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I opened the trunk with my remote as we approached the car. When we reached the car I set down her luggage and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and pushed her down into the trunk.

She was crying as I lifted her legs and finished loading her into the car. There was enough room for her bag and it went in between her and the emergency trunk release pull tab. When we arrived at my estate I just parked in front of the house. My estate is several thousand acres of farm land and wood lots with a 1200 square foot house and a beautiful view over the valley.

2 bedrooms 2 baths and a big deck. Enough for a single guy. I opened the trunk and was greeted by the sight of a terrified girl but she had quit crying. I lifted out her bag and dropped it behind the car. Grabbing her by the hobble chain i dragged her feet first out of the car, her back scraping over the lip and her but hitting the ground first. I grabbed the front of her shirt and stood her up, pulling the leash I lead her inside. I tied the leash to a coat hook so she could sit on the floor with her hands above her head or stand.

Then I got the supplies for tonight, a 5 gallon pail with no lid and a towel. Dropping the pail and towel beside her I said: "I'm going to undo the hand cuffs, piss and shit in the bucket, use the towel to clean up. If I have to clean up anything in the morning you wont survive the punishment" She couldn't escape as she was still locked in the hobbles and its 6 miles to the closest neighboring property. Except: I had dropped the keys to the shackles on the table where she could see them.

I locked her out of my room just to be careful though. Several times in the night I heard the bucket clunk and rattle. I masturbated several times thinking about her on the other side of the wall. Just thinking about her had me cum after only few strokes every time. When I woke up I went and did my bathroom routine and went to visit my new house guest.

I could smell the vomit and shit as soon as I opened my bedroom door. Sitting against the wall as far from the bucket as she could reasonably be. I walked over and looked at the knot in the leash. Untouched.

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Good. I walked over and started the coffee machine, pulled the contract out of my pocket and spent a few seconds rereading the three pages. I moved my coffee and the contract over to the table on the deck. I went back inside and lead her out to the view side of the table and sat her in a chair, dropping the leash beside her.

Sitting in my usual chair looking over the valley I had a couple of sips of coffee. Then I focused on her, " I want you to understand a few things. I need your time here to be legal and defensible in court." Collecting my thoughts I said " So you need to know you can leave at any time and if you say the safe word or make the safe gesture your contract is over or at least suspended." Leaning back I continued "If you stay and Keep me amused you will get a bonus large enough to get you through school." Looking her in the eyes " If you leave early, piss me off or refuse to do what I want you will be dropped in town with your suitcase and not a penny more, Do you understand?" She nodded.

"You need to speak clearly and loudly so the security camera hears you" I said pointing over my shoulder. "Yes I understand" she said clearly. "What is your name?" "Mary" "OK Mary, as my slave I am going to expect you to obey every order and submit regardless of harm that may come to you.

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Do you agree to be my slave?" "yes I do" again nice and clear. "Chose a safe word, easy to say but not something you normally say" She chose Anus.

"And a safe gesture" The hang loose sign, or as I call it the open cunt sign. Then quietly " I wont ever use them" so the camera wouldn't hear. "Why not" I asked. "I was so turned on in the trunk, terrified but wound right up, if I could have touched myself I would have come instantly." Mary looked me in the eye and said: "Last night when you put the keys on the table I knew you might hurt me or even kill me but you would always leave me an out.

I had a good think about that and if I get hurt or die here, I'm here because I want to be" "OK then" is all I said. And drank my coffee while Mary sat quietly. When I finished my coffee I looked at her and Isaid without thinking "Why did you puke?" "The smell of my bowel movement" She said looking at her hands and blushing.

"Did you need to shit or did you because I told you?" Still looking in her lap "Sort of both I think, once you said it, I needed to." Time to get going I thought. "Go get the keys" and as she stood up "and start me another cup of coffee" handing her the cup.

I could hear the coffee machine working and Mary hobbling onto the deck. When she got beside me she held the keys out, and as she was up wind of me I could smell her BO and un-wiped ass.

"Move to my other side" I said She moved around my chair and stopped. Again offering me the keys. Unlock yourself then strip. Mary reached up for the collar, "No! That only comes off in the shower, when you clean it or when I tell you." She Nodded and bent over to take her hobbles off. I got a nice look down her shirt.


Nice tits. Mary started pulling up on her shirt. "Take off the leash, Don't touch the collar" I said with a little smile, anticipating a small fail as I didn't see how that was possible.

She let go of her shirt, grabbed the leash running her hand up to the clasp and released it never touching the collar. Pulling off her shirt Mary looked at me and realized I was watching her eyes not her naked skin and stopped for a moment. Just an instant and saw me take a breath to yell at her and undid her pants. Pushing pants and panties off as one.

She the pulled her socks off quickly and tossed them on the pile. Once she was naked she unconsciously put her hands in front of her pussy. Speaking softly "Mary when you are standing still and naked you will hold you hands clasped behind your back or beside your hips." Mary looked down and moved her hands behind her back. No body hair, chiselled athlete muscles.

Nice looking cunt from the front with a little thigh gap so I could see the roundness of an ass cheek between her legs. "Turn around" Mary started turning but was turning a full circle when I wanted her back to me.

Quietly again I said: "What I meant was back to me, make that mistake again and I will punish you" "Yes sir" as she turned her back to me, hands at her sides.

OMG Mary may be the best thing I have ever purchased. I could see cunt just below her ass. Goodness I wanted my Dick in there.

But I needed to finish my fantasy first. "Grab your ankles" I said. As she bent over I saw Mary's nipples had gotten hard and pointy since she took her shirt off.

But I didn't like the cunt view or that there was no ass hole view. "Spread your legs so I can see your cunt properly" Mary spread her legs quite far just barely keeping hold of her ankles.

He lips spread, and while I couldn't see clit or urethra I got a nice view. "Spread your ass cheeks" Reaching behind her she grabbed both ass cheeks and gave a perfect view.

I can see the shit she didn't wipe off but the ass hole looks undamaged, not stretched out at all. "How many times have you been ass fucked." A slight pause "Once, my boyfriend got me drunk and did my ass while I was to drunk to stop him" "When was that" I asked with a little more excitement in my voice than I wanted. "On my Sixteenth birthday" said quietly.

"Mary, when I say show your most important assets this is how you display them, understand?" "Yes Sir" "I am going to be using that lovely ass regularly, while I'm gone during the day I recommend you stretch it a little bit so it doesn't hurt so much when I do" "Yes sir" she said and I realized she was dripping from the cunt.

"Stand up and follow me" I moved into the Kitchen, "You will cook and clean in addition to your regular duties" As I glanced out the front window I saw Mary's bag on the driveway. "Go get your bag" I said. Mary walked to the front door kind of glancing over her shoulder and reaching the door she again looked at me and slowly opened the door and poked her head out.

"What in the fuck are you doing? I yelled "Get the bag and get your ass back in here" Sprinting into the yard pretty little tits bouncing, grabbing the bag and running back. All while looking all around. Then I got it, she was worried about being seen naked outside. I walked over to the door and grabbed Mary's hair dragging her whining and crying into the driveway. "Mary, it doesn't matter if others can see you, if you will get arrested or raped, when I tell you to do something walk unless told otherwise, Understood?" My fingers still holding her hair, her head at belt level she said "yes sir" "Stand here until I call you" I stood Mary up and let go of her hair.

Walking into the house I picked up the bag and put it on the table. Unzipping it I called her into the house. I told Mary to stand beside the table, and here hands drifted in front of her pussy again. "Where are your hands?" I said She moved them behind her back as quick as she could.

I flipped the lid open and looked inside the luggage. A toiletry kit on top, opened that. Normal stuff, tooth brush, deodorant, and so on. Shoved it aside, Makeup next, Relatively little by today's standards. Handbag next. When I lifted that out Mary started moving very slightly, I looked n her eyes and realized she was very nervous about this. I opened the purse and dumped the contents on the table, Cell phone went on the counter behind me.

Mary's eyes followed it, and I realized that this is what she was afraid of loosing. The rest was lipstick tampons and pads and the usual other junk in a purse. I separated out the tampons, pills and then put everything else except the phone back in the purse. Clothing next, a couple pair of white cotton undies, several g strings, pants and shirts.


Two sundresses. I kept the dresses out and 1 light blue G-string. The rest I put back in the bag. The Tampons I left on the counter, The phone went in the kitchen cabinet above the fridge. The pills I handed to Mary, "When are you supposed to take them?

I asked "With Lunch" she said "OK. Your toiletries and pills go in the hallway bathroom. The phone you may only touch when I am here and you ask permission." I lead her to the hallway bathroom, "This is yours. You will not close the door unless we have visitors that don't know what you are, Understand?" "Yes Sir" "Take a shower, you stink, then make breakfast" I went into the yard, washed the car and put it away.

Mary was dressed in one of her summer dresses and making breakfast when I walked in. I went to my room and got my knife, a razor sharp six inch hunting Knife.

Stepped behind Mary and held the knife to her throat. She froze as expected. "Don't move," I slide the blade drown between Mary's little tits, sliding the edge of the blade under the right one, she pissed herself all over my feet, once I reached her crotch and said. "If you're wearing panties you probably want to remember the safe word"I whispered Mary fainted, I dam near cut off her face as she fell.

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I felt the blade touch her face as it went by. I laid her out on her back and knelt over her pelvis with my hand on her pretty neck. As Mary woke I realized I had cut her breast, through the material and all. Just a few drops of blood.

Mary thrashed a bit and slowly came to understand I was holding her down. I showed her the knife as I held her neck, Once I knew she was fully awake I used the knife to reach between us and pick up her dress at lower hem. By now she is in full terror crying and absolutely frozen in fear. I pulled the blade up past her cunt until the fabric pulled tight, I had to pull really hard to make the first little cut in the fabric but as it gave way it got easier, sliding the blade down to her stomach with the dull side down I worked up between her breasts to the collar.

I had to let go of Mary's neck to cut the collar and not cut Mary. I held the knife against her throat as I gathered up the neck line of her dress. When I yanked on the knife in front of her face to cut the collar she shit herself. The small was imediate. I reached over and grabbed Mary by the hair and held here down, Pushing away so I could see her crotch. No panties. I stood up pulling Mary with me, I put the knife on the table then unzipped myself. I was holding Mary at crotch height and shoved my rock hard 8 inch dick in her mouth.

The second stroke I got a good piece in her throat, she started to gag and choke so I pushed harder. I couldn't get any further as my balls were grinding against her chin, I came in seconds as Mary's throat spasmed trying to force my cock out.

As I let go and pulled my dick out Mary fell forward onto her hands, Her body shaking and heaving, diarrhea and piss all over her. I pushed her head back so I could look in her eyes "You go naked at all times, including tampons, unless I give you permission, understand?" She looked me in the eyes and said " Yes sir, by the way Sir, I Came when you shoved your dick in my mouth"