French legs in the metro

French legs in the metro
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i was leaving work my very first job i had just turned 16. but since i was still in school i had to work the later shifts so i could have enough time to go home first and do my homework.

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Then i would go to work and stay al late as possible so i could earn more money. As i was walking home in my skimpy white tee shirt that barely fit my 36C titties and my ultra mini (we didn't have uniforms al work).

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i saw a strange man walking behind me at that point i wished that i wasn't the most popular girl at school so i could wear jeans and a regular shirt and not be forces to look like a slut to keep up my image. the funny part is i am still a virgin.

as i am walking home out of nowhere there is a huge down pour of rain and at that moment i am drenched.

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my first thought is now i look like i was in i wet tee shirt contest and i still have a mile left until i get home. at that point i completly forgot about the man behind me and decided to take the short cut home through the underpass by the train station. as i was walking all i could think about was being home alone while my parents were out of town and fucking my self with my dildo once again and maybe even ass fucking my self this time.


and i thought it was so funny because every guy that has tried has never even gotton my shirt off i just don't feel comfortable yet im just not ready. when i finally got to the underpass i walked down the stirs and the gate wasn't locked yet (usually the gates are locked around 8:00 pm) As i walked through the underpass i wasn't sure but it looked like the other side was locked but i wasn't sure so i walked all the was through to check and sure enough it was locked.

as i was trying to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.


then i heard foot steaps comming down the stairs so i decided i should just turn and get out asap. as i walked by the man he grabed my arm and said where do you think you are going i think you have somthing that belongs to me and my frst thought was crap i am going to get robbed so i said im sorry i don't have any money on me then he started laughing and said thats not what i want i said then what do you want from me and he said i want you at that point i knew i was about to get raped and i was so afrade and the worst part about this was he was so ugly he had bald patches all over his head and he was missing some teeth and he looked older then my great dead grandfather but he was al strong as my dad who works out 2 hours everyday.

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at that point he took out a gun and held it to me and said if i didnt do what he said he would shoot me then he told me to take off my shirt and all i was thinking was he wouldn't realy kill me so i just kinda hesatated then he pilled the safety and i decided to do what he told me so i started crying and i took my shirt off and then i saw his almost toothless grin then he told me to take off my panties but keep my skifr on so i did as he told me then he walked over to me and told me to get on my knees and i did.

then he came up next to me and he smelled like a dumpster he pulled down my bra and started to lick and suck on my nipples all i was thinking is my first time is going to be rape.


then out of noware he bitees my nipple realy hard and i scream out in pain then he stops holds the gun to my head and tells me if i scream again he will shoot me so i just sit there on my knees sobbing while he basicly starts chewing on my nipples thats when i relised the few teeth he did have were very sharp. then he tell me to lay down on my back so i do it then he starts to take off his pants and i know whats next he is going to fuck me.

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that was when i saw his huge dick it was like 2inches thick and 8 inches long then he told me i was not going to enjoy this at all then instead of fucking me he starts to finger my pussy and tells me that i am verry wet and i refused to beleave him but he didn't care it just made raping me more pleasurable for him then he goes down and starts sucking on my pussy and then i relised that i was moaning and i just wanted to kill my salf i mean realy i am being raped and i am maning i tried to hold it in but i couldn't it just felt so good.

then he stopped and said i am going to fuck you now and in a split second i felt myself get dry no wetness at all then he started to slowly put his dickin my and i tried to sqirm away but he had a good grip in one hand and he gun in the other.

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as he slowly started to offically rape me he felt my hymen smiled pulled his dick out then he shoved the whole thing in with one push and i screamed at the top of my lungs in pain and he didn't even care he just kept going like that for four hours strait and then he told me to laydown on my stoach and still crying i did he then said i am going to ass fuck you now and sure enought he shoved his whole dick up there in one puhd and i passed out from the paim but i was still half awake but i couldn't feel anyhting but i knwe he was still fucking me in the ass then he stopped and said i am happy so you can go hame now and he stood up got dressed and walked out of the tunnel and i decided to go home as i was walking home i could of sworn someone was watching me but i didn't see anyine this time so when i got home i decided to go to bed but then i was complety sure i heard somthing down stairs.

if you liked this story post comments and you will read what will be happening next but if no one likes this then i wount write a part two so please comment

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