Devon Lee hot massage and fucking

Devon Lee hot massage and fucking
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Whoa: Susan Gets an Assignment As she had promised, Susan phoned Jason at his office Monday morning. When he answered, she giggled and asked, "Do you want me to come over and service that huge cock of yours." "No Susan. But I do have something you can do for me." He told her. "You know I'll do anything for you, Jason.

Just name it." "Good. As you know, Dean Malcomb's wife died about a year ago. He has been very depressed ever since.

I want you to go to Dean Malcomb's office at about four thirty and give yourself to him. You have a great little body, and I am sure he will really appreciate your gifts. And one other thing, before you go see Dean Malcomb, get rid of that strip of fur on your pussy!" "Alright Jason, if that's what you want me to do. I'll try to give Dean Malcomb a thrill he'll never forget." Jason then added, "When you're done, be sure to tell him you were a gift from a grateful employee.

Say no more than that. Just get dressed and leave." "Whatever you want Jason." Susan then hung up the phone and headed to her bathroom. She needed to bathe and get rid of the patch of pussy fur that remained on her pubic mound. Precisely at four-thirty PM, a very sexy cheerleader was admitted to Dean Malcomb's office.

She was wearing a cheerleader's uniform that she had worn while a Junior in high school. It was a bit too small even for Susan's petite body. The pull-over top was very low cut and exposed a great deal of Susan's small tits. As usual, she had not worn a bra. Her nipples were erect from the gentle rubbing they had received from her top as she walked into the university's administration building.

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They were creating very noticeable bumps in her top. In addition to her sexy top, Susan had worn her short cheer skirt that went with her top. It was tight enough to leave little to the imagination as to the shape and size of her tight little butt.

She had not worn panties. If she bent over or sat with her legs even slightly spread, her shaved pussy would be on display for any who cared to look. Susan knew she would have a very erotic effect on the Dean who was on the back side of middle-aged. Her experience as a cheerleader had given her the confidence she needed to use her body to accomplish her goal.

Her goal at the time was to please Jason by providing Dean Malcomb with an afternoon delite he would never forget. Dean Malcomb was getting older, but he was not dead. He immediately noticed the bumps in Susan's top caused by her erect nipples. "Come in Susan." He said as she opened his office door. "It's nice to see you. Oh, by the way, I've noticed the changes in the cheerleaders' uniform and how excited you get the growing crowds." Dean Malcomb's eyes seemed to be locked on the bumps Susan's nipples were creating in her top.

"I see you're still without a bra. I certainly like the view." The Dean forced himself to look up from her chest and into Susan's eyes. "What can I do for you today?" His eyes were immediately drawn back to Susan's chest. "I'm glad you like the view, Dean Malcomb. That's what I wanted to speak to you about. You see, since we began cheering without our bras we have noticed how excited the crowd gets.

But, I really want to know if we are appealing to the older fans and enticing them to come to the games. If we can draw the older fans to the games, that will mean more fans for us and more money for the university. So do you think we are appealing to fans in." Susan hesitated a moment. ".oh let's say, your age bracket?" Dean Malcomb was again focused on Susan's protruding nipple bumps.

He licked his lips then replied to her question. "Susan, I think I can say with certainty that your me, I mean new uniforms are very appealing to the older crowd. I, for example, have attended more games this year than I ever have, and I most assuredly am attracted to the cheerleaders and their attire." "Oh thank you, Dean Malcomb. It means a lot for us to know that. As a reward for your opinions, I'd like to do a little extra for you." Susan then quickly pulled her top up and over her head and tossed it to the side.

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Dean Malcomb groaned and sat back in his over-stuffed chair. "Susan, what are you doing?" He couldn't help but stare at Susan's erect nipples. "Oh my, you are such a beautiful young lady, Susan." Dean, would you like to touch them? It's alright if you want to fondle me." Without waiting for an answer, Susan stepped around the Dean's desk and leaned forward.

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She dangled her tennis ball sized tits in the Dean's face and shook them to and fro. "It's okay Dean. Go ahead and enjoy my tits." When Susan dragged a hard nipple across the Dean's mouth.

Almost involuntarily, his tongue flicked out and licked it.

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"Oh Dean, that's nice. Why don't you suck and lick that one while you squeeze my other tit?" The Dean responded by wrapping his arms around Susan's torso and hugging her tightly. She moaned as he was eagerly licking and sucking both of Susan's nipples.

He was alternating back and forth between them. He would suck one then quickly switch to the other. Back and forth he went on Susan's nipples while she stroked the back of his head.

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When he seemed to be getting highly aroused, Susan pulled back. Dean, there is another uniform change we are considering. You, of course will have the final say. May I demonstrate?" Dean Malcomb seemd to be in a blissful daze. He just nodded his approval. Susan then stepped back, turned her back to the Dean, and bent at her waist.

Her bald pussy and puckered asshole were plainly on display for Dean Malcomb. That was all it took for the Dean to loose control of himself.

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He stood and grabbed Susan by her hips. He pulled her back and began rubbing his hard cock through tented pants against Susan's exposed pussy. "Oh Dean! That feels good, but it would feel so much better if your pants were off." She then quicly turned and faced Dean Malcomb. Susan slowly lowered herself to her knees. She quickly had his belt and pants loosened and pushed to his knees.

She fished his hard cock from his boxers, kissed its head, and took it deeply into her mouth. Though his cock was only average in size, Susan gave Dean Malcomb the best deep-throat blowjob he had ever gotten.

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"Susan, I going to cum." He warned. She simple nodded her head and pushed his cock even deeper down her throat. She took the first two pulses of cum down her throat before pulling back and sucking the rest into her eager mouth.

"Oh God! Oh my God!" The Dean gasped as he pumped his cum into Susan's mouth. "My wife would never do this." When the Dean's cock went soft, Susan refused to let him pull it from her mouth. Instead, she tightly hugged his hips to her face.


She continued licking and sucking his cock until it began to firm up again. When she had him hard, she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up to the Dean's grinning face. "That was great, but I think you'll like this just as well." Susan then stood, turned, and bent over his desk.

"Fuck me, Dean. Give my horny pussy you wonderful cock." Dean Malcomb stepped behind Susan's upturned ass and placed his cock at her pussy's opening. With one slow but firm shove, he buried his cock in the hot cheerleader's cunt. Susan groaned as he entered her. He was soon rapidly thrusting his cock as deep as he could into the willing cunt bent over his desk.

It had been a long time since he had gotten any pussy at all. Therefore, even though he had just gotten a great blowjob, he was soon ready to cum again. Susan sensed him slow down.

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She look over her shoulder, smiled, and told him, "It's alright Dean. You can cum in me. I'm on the pill." Dean Malcomb then began slamming his cock as hard as he could into the pussy before him.

With one final lunge, Dean Malcomb buried his cock in Susan's pussy and pumped his remaining cum into cunt. He was then exhausted and slumped back into his chair. He moaned in shock and appreciation as Susan sucked and licked his cock clean. She then got dressed and headed for the door. "Susan, wait just a moment please.


I don't think you girls should go without your panties. You may give a few of us old guys heart attacks." "That's okay Dean. Most of us wouldn't want to go commando anyway. By the way, I was a gift to you from a grateful employee. See you at the games." "Susan, wait! Who sent you to me?" Susan turned and left Dean Malcomb's office with no further comment.